Windows / PC

Redeployment allows your ageing managed Windows devices to be reused to support teaching and learning.

At iTeach, we want to ensure as a school you can make the best use of all of your devices. If you have PC’s that have previously been managed devices and are no longer supported, we can help.

Our ‘Redeploy’ solutions ensure you get best value from your older machines. Our team can wipe older machines and reset them up as new, unmanaged Windows devices or even as Chromebook running ChromeOS.

Once your newly set up devices are connected to Wifi via your managed service as a guest device, or to Classnet, you’ll benefit from devices that support many aspects of learning – tailored to the needs of your school.

Its simple, cost effective and we manage the entire process.

Just contact us – we’ll pop in, audit your equipment and provide a plan and quotation to make the very best use of your old equipment.