Join Us as a Teaching Associate

We’re building our team

At The iTeach Group we’re passionate about creating real and meaningful impact with technology within the education, public and private sector.

To do this we need amazing people. People like you.

We’ve a range of opportunities for amazing teachers and fantastic trainers

Our associates programme offers flexible working to suit you. For education it’s afternoons, evenings or Saturdays as our courses and events run at times that are typically outside of core teaching hours. For other sectors it’s traditionally all day sessions.

You’ll be asked to run sessions and workshops across a range of technology platforms to match your skills. As a teaching associate you’ll be working with pupils and teachers both in schools and at events. As a trainer associate, you’ll work primarily with Mac and iPad on client sites with a range of end users.

You choose the level and volume of work and we provide the bookings, material and admin.

Opportunities are available across NI, Wales and England and you can choose to work in your immediate location with a simple mile based limit, or as far and wide as you like.

Teaching Associates

Work across the curriculum in your own specialism or area of interest, and deliver to the KS level you currently teach.

Typically after school or evenings.

Trainer Associates

Work with the public and private sector delivering engaging training centred on both Mac and iPad – help business transition and be productive with each platform.

Typically all day courses.

The person

We’re looking for people with oodles of enthusiasm. People that present well and can relate to their audience. People that know their technology, and those that share our passion for creating real impact. Above all, if you are a great teacher, or a great trainer, we want to talk.

Our associates are drawn across a range of technology experience – iPad, Mac, Chromebook, G Suite, PC/Windows and specific curriculum areas such as coding.

If you have any accreditation – e.g. Google Teacher, ADE, MCIE etc or have presented or trained  before then even better.

We’ll be here to support you 

As an associate we’ll provide the support you need to do a great job.

Once you are on board, we provide training & certification on both content and delivery and help up-skill you. Day to day, we provide the bookings, logistics, facilitator guides, slide decks, evaluation forms and everything you need for each session.

Earn as you go

Associates are independent contractors, so earning is simple and transparent. You’ll get paid at the end of each month for everything delivered during that month.

You retain 70% of all fees we bill our clients. As an example – for a two hour session you’ll receive £136, a whole day session, £350.

For your part, you’ll need to bring your own device (iPad, Mac, PC etc) and provide transportation from sessions and events. Simplez!

Teachers – don’t forget, our associates have no marking or admin outside of their sessions!

Don’t want to train? We’re also looking for teachers to write resources to be used in class and within our amazing initiatives such as Digital Leaders. Supremely flexible, write resources as little or as often as you like and get paid for each produced resource at very attractive professional rates (it’s better than tutoring!).

Register your interest now

Just fill in the quick form below to register your interest. We review these at the end of each month and will be back to you to arrange a chat.

The small print….

Associates are considered independent contractors, not employees. Payments will have relevant taxes deducted. All applicants will be CRB/ANI checked. Registering your interest is not considered an offer of work. Whilst we will send as much work to associates as they would like, ITG Ltd cannot guarantee levels of work.