Must have accessories

Extending learning

The iPad in and of itself is an incredibly powerful tool. It becomes even more powerful and opens up a world of learning opportunities when it is extended with carefully selected accessories. We’ve picked six of the best you can buy for your classroom.

Pick 1 – Greenscreen Kit

gsstarterlgA fabulous multi purpose tool for video work with iPad. Used across the curriculum, Green Screen is integral to training and creative use of video within topic based work. Kits are simple to assemble and very easy to use with a huge range of apps like ‘Doink Green Screen’ that genuinely create unlimited learning opportunities.

GS-FKT-2S – £47.00




Pick 2 – Parrot Mini Drone


A robust, cost effective drone which can be used as an engaging tool across numeracy and coding/programming. Use in class, outdoor, in team teaching, or with our iCode initiative. The drone captures the imagination of pupils whilst having a huge range of learning opportunities.

AR-PAR1 – £73.10

Pick 3 – Tripod set

tripodiPad and iMovie are a powerful combination when used for video production to demonstrate learning. Get super professional with this tripod kit which will hold the iPad steady at a fixed height – a steady shot, always in focus and a professional piece of work! Also great when used in conjunction with an app like ‘Autocue’.

IT-TRMT-PK – £52.33


Pick 4 – Microphones

Audio and Video with iPad are fantastic – interviews, video, screencasting, narration, the list is endless. Capture great tieclipmicaudio in a busy classroom with one of our super microphone. Interviewing a lot? Use the tie clip. Desk bound activities? Our desk stand with iRig is a super quality easy to use microphone – both will give great results.

IR-MIC3 – £19.00

Pick 5 – Stop motion stand

igooseOur Gooseneck stand is great for stop motion work – moves to any position and angle. UICT coming up? This stand will clamp to the desk, go around most cases and do exactly as it says on the tin!

IT-HIG1 – £42.10

Pick 6 – Sphero SPRK+

The SPRK + is am amazing, must have tool for learning. Essentially an advanced robotic ball, SPRK sprkpluscan be programmed via iPad and is a central part of our iCode initiative. SPRK+ is a true cross curricular device supported by a very wide range of  apps and resources.

IT-SPRKP – £97.50

All of these can be ordered from us with full information on our Shop page. We can support you with ideas, initiatives to get you going – ultimately we can ensure that each of the above have a genuine learning outcome when they are used!