iMat for SPRK+

Meet the iMat series of classroom activity mats

An innovative range of robust floor mats bursting full of activities and challenges to help get the very most from your SPRK +. With three amazing mats to choose from, there’s an iMat for everyone!

Designed for SPRK+

Designed to work with the Sphero SPRKSPRK+, SPRK Mini and the Sphero EDU platform, the iMat series for SPRK is a wonderful resource for use in the classroom that will develop key coding skills, linking to everyday curriculum outcomes. Supported by a multitude of great activities.

In use, simply open up the superb Sphero EDU app from Sphero, connect the SPRK+ to the iPad, roll out the mat and pupils from ages 5 right up to 18 will be ready to go and create their own algorithms, problem solve and debug while SPRK+ navigates through each engaging activity.

Measuring 1.2m x 3M, iMat Series for SPRK is a robust vinyl floor mat. Its wipe clean, tough wearing surface is designed for classroom use and comes in a sturdy hard plastic art tube for easy of storage.

iMat is best used with a group of pupils and at least two SPRK units

For all ages and abilities

iMat for SPRK is designed to be used through K12 / Foundation to KS3.

In Early Years / Foundation Stage students can use the ‘Draw’ function in the Sphero Edu app to draw routes for the SPRK+ to move with their finger on the iPad screen.

Students in KS1,KS2 and KS3 (ages 8-14) can used the block feature in the app to create algorithms that move the SPRK+ specific distances and also turn the device through any heading from 0° right up to 360°.

Older students in KS4 and KS5 (ages 14+) can use the block based code if they wish, however the Lightning Lab app allows students to write their own text based code, giving them the opportunity to create algorithms with functions, for loops and conditions with Sphero’s own text based coding language.

Meet the team

iMat One

Multiple activities are built right into iMat One –  Shape Challenge – Looking at properties of 2D shapes, Length Challenge – programming the SPRK+ to roll to different points along the metre rule, Racetrack – creating algorithms looking at speed, distance, time and angles. Gate Challenge – explore angles and command SPRK+ to change colour, spin and even speak and finally Math Challenge – Students can develop their coding skills by answering Math questions by programming the SPRK+ to roll to a number.

iMat Maze

Students will get the chance to complete 4 complex mazes that are reversible, in effect making 8 complex mazes. They will develop problem solving and computational skills while looking at speed, distance, time and angles.

iMat Golf

 iMat Golf provides 6 reversible holes which allows students to complete 12 complex mazes focusing on distance and time while using angles and geometric concepts through each hole. While programming the SPRK+ along the fairway, students will develop their coding and computational thinking skills. Trial and error is a must and is very important as students learn about distance and time while using angles and concepts of geometry through each hole.

iMat for SPRK is available now!

Supported with great resources


iMat One includes activity lists right on the mat, and each iMat is supported with resources and activities freely available on Sphero EDU (on line and via the app) or via downloadable PDF. Resources include video examples and downloadable sample code to get your pupils started.

Curriculum Mapped

Simple and complex problem solving.
Properties of 2D shapes.
Acute, Right, Obtuse and Reflex angles.
Development of key Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities – managing information, collaboration and problem solving also including real innovation and experiential thinking.

CCSS: Math.Content.4.G.A.1, Math.Content.4.MD.C.5, Math.Content.4.MD.C.7.
KeyStages: Mathematics KS1, 2 and 3

Shipping Now

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The full iMat series is shipping now, worldwide with delivery within 4 working days from order, no matter where you are. Purchases in UK/Ireland via school PO and invoice – all other regions payment prior to despatch.

The iMat series is also available for resellers and under license. Drop us a line – for more info.

iMat is brought to you by iTeach and is not affiliated with Sphero. SPRk, SPRK+ and Lightning Lab are trademarks of Sphero used by kind permission. iMat, its concepts and designs are copyright iTeach Group Ltd.