Extending iCode

iCode is a free initiative from iTeach to get kids coding and support teachers in every way we caniCode We’ve also put together a range of options for schools that want to build on iCode. Staff training, additional resources, hardware and equipment. You name it, we have it covered. 

For those schools seeking additional funding, we have action plans ready for you to use.

Here are just a few ways that we can help extend iCode in your school either as part of the school day or after school club.

Training and Help with a club

Staff Training

Five training sessions throughout the year to train all staff on embedding coding and programming. Available from Foundation to KS3, we’ll inspire your staff with confidence and link everything we d o back to the curriculum. This package can also be used by a cluster of schools or as individual sessions.ipadhandsphero

Team Teaching programme

These sessions foster creativity in children, promoting problem solving and logical thinking skills to create innovative games using a range of excellent coding apps. These sessions also link to outcomes within the curriculum from Foundation to  KS2.

Club Management

Our team will run every aspect of iCode as an after schools club. This truly engaging programme, including the use of flying drones and robotics will deliver a full programme and  ensure that pupils will be engaged and enthused and begin to be prepared with the important skills necessary for the future workplace.

Drop us an email and we’ll get you the brochure with all the details and prices you need.

Getting the right kit

Classroom Drone Kit.

This full kit has everything you need to support iCode lesson plans in one classroom. A Parrot Mini drone, SPRK+ and our iMat for SPRK activity floor mat plus activity guide.  droneinhand

AE-CKKT – £199

After School Club Drone Kit

If you are running iCode After schools club, this kit will get you everything you need to support the lesson guides – 5 Mini Drones, 5 SPRK+, 2 Parrot Jumping Sumo, a Parrot Mambo and 2 iMat for SPRK Activity floor mats. 

AE-CASK – £1195


The amazing SPRK + is embedded into all iCode. Its an incredibly flexible device with cross curricular use, and has a wealth of
resources on line, supporting apps and is our tool of choice!

sprkplusAvailable in single packs with charger and maze tape, or in 12 packs for classroom use.

Single SPRK+ – AE-SPRKP – £98.50

12 classroom pack – AESPP12 – £1050

You can order these kits directly from our order page.

If you are seeking external funding, perhaps through the extended schools programme, Lottery or other organisations then let us know. We
can help with applications and bids and can also provide you with completed action plans for any of the above options. Just select what you want to run with, email us
icode@iteach-uk.com and we’ll send it right back! 

So, no matter what you need help with, just drop is a mail. We’ll help. icode@iteach-uk.com

Please note – SPRK and Mini Drone needs iOS8 or higher and will not run on iPad 2 – you’ll need iPad Mini, iPad 4, Air or Air 2.