The iPad brings incredible engagement with pupils. It is the tool transforming thousands of schools worldwide every day. It’s changing teaching and learning.

The iPad is a superb learning tool especially in relation to critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, research and information fluency. But its more than that. It stimulates creativity; it encourages learning and it enables great challenge centered lessons.

Its instant on facility means no IT headaches and no waiting time for computers to start. Support it with great wifi, and it just, well, works. Whats more fantastic management tools such as MDM and Apple School Manager, there are no shortage of tools to support the technology.

Its the perfect teaching and learning tool – designed to be easily used, projected on screen and  lends itself to the classroom, delivering both personalised and independent learning to all.


But its more than that – for us, the iPad is the first tool that truly enables 1:1 learning – a model where every pupil and every teacher has their own personal learning device. Thats anytime, anywhere learning.

The iPad is not the future. It’s the now. It delivers change.