If the PTA is considering a great way to help the school – consider raising funds to purchase iPads.

The iPad is a tool that works across all learning levels and abilities in Primary, Post Primary and Special Needs schools. It’s a great way to spend money, because the device itself benefits teachers and teaching and learners and learning.

It will support every level of the curriculum, help in and out of class and fulfils many tasks in the classroom:

  • Great content from apps on screen – cheaper than traditional classroom resources
  • Engaging pupil focused tasks and activities
  • Stimulates creativity and confidence
  • Encourage your school to embed technology in the classroom and equip pupils with the technology skills needed today
  • Helps teachers and pupils
  • Great for special needs education
  • Video camera and digital imager
  • An all round device – buying a single iPad takes care of many classroom technology needs
  • Increase creativity, literacy and ICT skills

Choosing to support your school with iPad is a great decision – keeping your school and its pupils on the leading edge of technology in education and providing the single most cost effective device to change and enhance learning at many levels.

We are here to help

We wouldn’t suggest you just ‘buy a few iPads’ – we will work with the PTA and advise you what to buy and where to ensure the most effective spend. We can speak at your PTA meeting, or just be available to answer questions when the time is right.

What’s more, we are all about making technology effective – no point buying iPads if they won’t be used. So, for every 10 iPads we will provide one hour of teacher training to the school.

And remember – we don’t sell iPads, we are here to make sure they are effectively used in the classroom. Thats all.

How much do they cost?

An iPad is £329 , and you will need to add around £30 to that for cases etc. – so £360 per iPad with no ongoing costs. The iPad mini is even more cost effective – £269 . And those prices include VAT which your school will often be able to save.

We normally work with the school and encourage them to fund any ongoing costs such as apps, which normally amounts to a couple of hundred pounds per year, (for the entire school, not per iPad)

Whats next?

Call us on 02890 020375 . We’ll be happy to help. Or drop us an email at hello@iteach-uk.com