Just another gadget. A fad.

What can it do a laptop can’t?

Whats wrong with real books or a blackboard?

These are the types of questions we get when we meet with parents to talk about 1:1 education programs. And rightly so. But the big question we get is ‘how does this help my son/daughter learn?’

An iPad 1:1 program provides for a connected device for every pupil in a school. This enables wherever and whenever learning – encouraging your child to learn and engage at their own pace and in their own time , not limited to just the classroom. You will see the iPad as an engaging tool – one that encourages learning across every subject level. Engagement makes a huge difference for any pupil – it provides interest and motivation, never before available to this degree in devices or teaching methods.

If your child is a visual or auditory learner. A creative. A focused academic, the iPad is right for them and their education – because its a flexible platform, and provides a custom learning environment to what the pupil needs. The school maps the core requirements of the curriculum to how the iPad is used – its not a toy. Its an essential, vital component of every classroom lesson.

We see an increase in productivity and an eagerness to learn.

We also prepare them with the ICT skills of the future – a connected device, with the worlds information is one that will be used in university and the world of work as the pupil progresses through life. So having a single device embeds these skills that are expected by tertiary level educators and the world of work.

But we don’t forget about the basics – iPad allows the pupil to take notes. File courses. Build resources. Create portfolios and projects. Communicate with teachers, pupils and others.

And think for one minute of the practicality. An iPad in school becomes novels for English, textbooks for science, the hardback notebook, the filepad, the calculator, the revision desk, the video camera and the internet device.

Its a great way to provide extension work – as a Parent you have access for the first time to the exact same tools and resources your children use in the classroom – so its a transparent move to bring this home and extend the work of school easily.

This for just a few pounds per month, or £329 for three years of education.

At iTeach, we help your school be effective. We believe in the change technology can bring , and so we ensure that we do everything we can to make your school, teachers and pupils use it effectively.

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