Decision made?

So, you or your school has made the decision to utilise the iPad? If you are planning a 1:1 roll out – talk to us first and we will help you plan that. We’ll list of what you need, and where to get it, making it super simple.

As a rough guide though. per teacher, here is what you will need:

1.The iPad


If you are rolling out throughout the school, contact us and we will get you in touch with the best people to bulk purchase. If you are buying one yourself to get started – head on over to the Apple Store online, or into your local Apple Store. In Northern Ireland, if you are buying for your school, contact Academia, contract holder with the Education Authority for iPad supply, and in Scotland it’s XMA.

Your are looking for the ‘iPad’ , 32Gb Wifi Only model – colour as you choose. These are typically £270 plus VAT.

Also a must is the VGA Adaptor – this enables you to plug the iPad into your projector – £30 – £40 , available from us.

2. Accessories

We have a great range of accessories available – all tried and tested for the classroom – so if its wifi, cases, stylus or other bits and bobs – check out our Accessory Store for everything you need.


3. Some Apps

You will need to get some apps to really get moving with the iPad.

We have assembled all of our recommended apps across most subjects at our Fantastic Apps pages.

We recommend that every teacher gets all of the Apps from our ‘Core Apps’ list – these are the main apps you will use daily. For these budget around £15 per device.

4. Wifi

You’ll need always on, secure and reliable wifi to get the very best from iPad.

Drop us a line and we can walk you through the options – from connecting to C2K through to installing your own dedicated system – Classnet

5. Get Trained

Effective use of technology is delivered through effective training for you and your staff.

We will come to your school, at a time that suits and deliver training to help you get the most out of your iPad – courses are cost effective and tailored to your school needs. Read all about it here.

6. Want to make it all easy?

Tell us how many devices you want, or the budget you have, We’ll do the rest and walk you through the process with everything and every consideration. Just give us a call on 02890 020375.