I want an app that…


If you are starting out in class with the iPad and starting to think about all the things you may want to do, we’ll help with that question:

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I want an app that:

Helps with continuous assessment, and attendance – iDoceo TeacherPal - ITWorx

Provides a way to mark work submitted to me – PDF Expert 6 iAnnotate PDF - Aji, LLC

Helps me plan lessons – iPlan Lessons iPlanLessons - iHomeEducator

Picks random pupil names from my class list for tasks -iPrize Wheel Teacher Tools - Who's Next? - Naaptime Software

Lets me take notes in my own handwriting – Touchwriter HD Touchwriter HD - Aesthology Inc.

Lets me or my my pupils take great notes – Evernote (with Skitch and Penultimate) Note Taker HD - Software Garden

Lets me share school calendars with colleagues – Calengoo CalenGoo (sync with Google Calendar™) - Dominique Andr Gunia

Lets me record meetings – Meetingpad Meeting Pad - Sekala Software

Helps me collate and store all of my work – Evernote Evernote - Evernote

Lets me share content with pupils – Dropbox, Google Drive , and Evernote Evernote - Evernote

I can use instead of my interactive whiteboard – Explain everything Explain Everything - MorrisCooke

I can use to create worksheets and docs – Pages Pages - Apple

Lets me download Youtube clips – Free Video Downloader iCab Mobile (Web Browser) - Alexander Clauss

Lets me edit YouTube clips – iMovie iMovie - Apple

Creates a student response system – Socrative Teacher Clicker - Socrative - Socrative

Creates a guided interactive lesson (1:1 schools) – Nearpod Nearpod Teacher - Panarea