Apps, apps apps. We get a lot of questions about apps! A lot of those questions are around getting a very specific app for a very specific part of the curriculum, but there is a better way – think about creativity first and content second. Follow our simple guide below to get the best apps for the Primary Curriculum:

Step 1 – Get the core apps

These ‘core apps’ are the must haves for every single iPad – the cover productivity, creativity and workflow and allow teachers to start with familiar tools and eventually to transform current practice.  So, these are entirely cross curriculum and can be built into all aspects and areas of teaching and learning. They are also the apps that we use in all of our sessions – so if you are training with us, you’ll need them all.

Download the teacher core apps list >>

Download the pupil 1:1 core apps list >>

Step 2 – Get some specific apps

There are lots of areas of your subject that very specific content apps can be dropped into to help explain a piece of a lesson. But remember – core apps will help engage the very same content in many different ways – and don’t forget the obvious resource areas for specific content like good old YouTube! We’ve listed some subject specific apps below to get you started, but drop us a line with any specifics you need.

Step 3 – Build them in

Whits we focus heavily initially on iPad in teaching practice as things develop, one of the hardest parts of ‘app’ selection and use is how and when to roll them into teaching practice and the more formal process of departmental schemes of work. We work hard with your school to make this happen in our sessions, but you can grab a sample unit from a scheme of work below to get started.

Download the sample scheme of work >>

Step 4 – Explore the app store

We’ve listed a few great apps below – new apps come out all the time that are great – keep an eye on our twitter feed and app of the month section – or sign up to our tips and tricks menu.

But remember the best source of apps and lesson ideas – your colleagues. Sharing good practice with fellow teachers is always the best source of information. If you are stuck – drop us an email –