When it comes to putting Digital Technology like iPad at the heart of learning and embedding it across teachers, pupils or both, we’re here to help.iteach-ipad-with-hand-keynote-reverse-copy

We work closely with your school and build a relationship as we go – you’ll be our partner and we’ll be your support with the answers and guidance you need, when you need it. School size, ambition size or device count is not important to us – whats key is that we work together on whatever your planning is to make it a successful set of outcomes for teachers, learners and the wider school community.

We see ourselves as the glue that bring the important pieces of the puzzle together. We’re there to advise, guide, support and do whatever is needed to bring your vision to reality.

The typical steps in our relationship and journey with you start with a simple chat. We’ll talk about your school, ambition, budget and development plan. We’ll discuss your vision and help you shape it, and we’ll come up with a simple plan of next steps to make it happen. We give simple advice – start with staff, get your wifi right. think about Apple TV and focus on pedagogy with training.

iTeach_icon200We’ll help with procurement – what to buy, what to avoid. We’ll discuss your infrastructure and ensure it can support the vision.

Once you have your equipment, our technical team will swing into action and set devices up, get them connected and load apps and take care of the tech bits like MDM and all the other acronyms you’ve heard about!

Next, our teaching team swing into gear and talk to you about teaching and learning – how best we can up-skill and train your staff. We work on a wide variety of plans and strategies that support and scaffold staff throughout the year all tied to your SDP and the curriculum. It’s all mapped out, meaningful and relevant.impact-iteach-in-northern-ireland-schools-small

Training builds a long term relationship and in that we’ll encourage you to attend our events. We’ll provide opportunities to pupils through Digital Leaders. We can help build coding programmes in the school with iCode. We’ll help you reward and recognise pupils and staff with digital badges and certifications.

And if the tech breaks, we’ll be on hand to sort it.

We enjoy superb, ongoing relationships with our schools which have continued for many years. We’re proud of that. Check out our Impact books on the iBooks store and read about some of the amazing schools we work with.

Drop us an email today at hello@iteach-uk.com and we’ll get started with that chat. No obligation, no bills. Let us simply show you how we help.