Outstanding  technical support. Right in your school.

We recognise that with technology, there can be challenges, so we designed cost effective support plans for schools – support how you need it and when you need it for every aspect of your technology from iPad to IWB and everywhere in between.

We offer schools a range of flexible support options from simple ‘pay as you need’ plans to annual support agreements that place a technician right in your school. All designed to match your individual school needs and be budget friendly.

Everything Covered.

We’re well known as the iPad experts, but that’s not all we cover. Your wifi, network, interactive whiteboards, Apple TV, printers, PC’s, Macs, users, updates and upgrades -­ in fact everything that’s part of your current system can be covered. And we’re not just reactive -­ we will proactively help make things run smoother and provide recommendations and guidance as you need it.


Every school is different. Size, staff, technology and in many other ways. So you pick the package that meets your technical needs and budget. Start with simple pay as you need, just iPad support or a part time technician every month.


Consistency is key. You’ll see the same technician every time we visit the school. ­They will build a relationship with staff and understand the unique needs of the school.

A super tech team.

Our technicians understand schools and how to relate to the needs of teachers. They understand what is important to staff and pupils, and they understand the importance of sorting a problem first time, every time.

All of our staff are trained in all aspects of iPad and PC deployment within a school system, network and are experienced C2K managers as well as being Apple and Google Apps certified, All are Access NI vetted and all carry photo ID at all times. They will become one of your staff, understand the needs of the school and get the job done.

That’s a promise.


Options designed for you.

We’ve a range of options from termly support, pay as you go, pay per device and contracted support with your own dedicated technician – check them out below or download our brochure with all the details.

iPad only.

If you want to ensure iPad and network is kept tip top, updated and managed on a regular basis every term.


For More than 100 iPads

iPad Termly Support

Designed to keep iPad managed and in tip top condition with updates, apps and connectivity. Flexible and cost effective.

£1/ iPad / month

For Less than 100 iPads

iPad Termly Support

Designed to keep iPad managed and in tip top condition with updates, apps and connectivity. Flexible and cost effective.

Whole School
 Technology Support.

If you need a technician on site to support all aspects of school technology.

£199/ month

Pay as you go

A flexible agreement, billed monthly and covering all your tech needs – cancel or take a break with just a month’s notice.


Monthly Support

Regular fixed support in your school – your own regular technician supporting every aspect of school technology.


Mac Support

Comprehensive support for your Mac Suite including remote and on site visits as needed with a guaranteed response time.


England Support

A flexible, on tap support resource from the UK’s leading iPad support experts.

Need more casual support?

We offer on site – anytime support. You can call us and book a tech for the day and we’ll be there to put everything right. Our on site call out rate is £250 per day. Thats a full school day and we can take care of anything from iPad set up, AppleTV configuration, syncing, all aspects of the C2K system, whiteboards and any aspect of school technology. (Structured Training is not included in this rate).

Ready to go?

Contact us and we’ll get you started with your contract, support technician and everything you need.