The route to iPad success

If you have met us, you will know that our mantra is Teachers, Teachers and then Teachers. Our process with schools is always to put teachers first – because once teachers are familiar with the device and what it can do for the classroom, the school and most importantly the individual pupils, everyone can really start to benefit.

If your school is thinking about a 1:1 program, consider an initial pilot to find the ‘fit’ for your school – a collective of teachers in a small managed program with objectives, feedback and shared practice.

By running such a pilot program, you’ll find the fit for your school, adapt easier to the change required and enjoy a successful 1:1 program.

At iTeach, we have managed lots of pilot groups in the primary and post-primary sector – your school can join us.

We will:

  • Meet with SMT and set and document objectives, goals and timespans via vision and plan.
  • Create the acceptable use policy documents
  • Provide advice on infrastructure
  • Set up all iPads (up to 20)
  • Set up DEP,VPP, ASM and managed Apple ID’s
  • Google Apps set up
  • Install ‘must have’ apps
  • Delivery of one initial ‘get started’ training session
  • Provide always available support

This is a well managed, focused, documented program with a clear output.

The cost? £495 per school

Contact us on 02890 020375 for see if this is the right fit for your school.