iPad offers an amazingly simple way to print – Airprint. It’s usually a case of tap and print. But, popping that onto a typical school network though is a little tricky so our Tech team has worked notices_logo_airprint_2with our partners and schools to come up with cost effective, easy to use solutions for all sizes of deployment and use types:

I just need a single printer for my classroom

We use HP printers exclusively. They are ‘AirPrint’ right out of the box, and we recommend two models – an Inkjet and a colour laser. Both are very cost effective to run, are fast at around 20 pages per minute and have 300 sheet capacity. You can order the printers here and we’ll configure the printer and set it up.

Price guide – £200 per printer, laser and inkjet available

I need a few printers dotted around the school

Simply order multiple printers as above – again we’ll fit them and configure them to limit printing to specified areas. hplasersm

Price guide – £200 per printer

I want to use our central copier/printers 

We install some additional network ‘bits’ which will allow you to use your current printer and we’ll effectively turn it into an AirPrint printer as well – the best of both worlds! We’ll liaise with your printer supplier and ensure everything is up and running. (Currently supports all major photocopier print solutions)

Price guide – £550 per copier (thats around £295 from your print supplier and the balance for our work)

I need to ensure we control the number of prints staff and pupils can printpapercut-icon

We can equip you with the PaperCut system – its a software solution that allows you to set all sorts of rules for printing – print credits, colour or black and white, print purchasing, cost control – all from a nice easy interface and a very slick experience on iPad.

Price guide – £500 approx per school per year.


Our solutions are bespoke to your school so give us a call and we’ll figure out the right solution for you – 02890 020375 or hello@iteach-uk.com.

The solutions are designed for most typical WiFi systems, but if you are in NI and on the C2K system, just give us a call and we’ll work through some alternate options.

iPad network printing made simple by iTeach.