iPad Setup & Management

iPad Deployment isn’t a challenge. We’ll set them up and give you a simple way to manage them moving forward.

Deploying iPads can range from just a few devices right through ‘Shared Devices’ with Apple School Manager up to full 1:1 programs with a device for every pupil and teacher. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for any school. It’s important that you take into consideration policy, app management, restrictions, settings and security tailored to your age group, facility and policy. We specialise in setting iPad up in the best possible way for every school.

If you plan on going 1:1, talk to us and we’ll map out how best to get things moving. If you have just bought some iPads for school then read on for ways we can help. We can grab your iPads, set them up, add accounts, install apps, set security or even deploy and support them as ‘ fully managed’.

At iTeach, we offer simple solutions that are then tailored to your school needs. We’ll make it simple to get going, and as ‘hands off’ or as ‘hands on’ as you want it. Our services are secure, proven and incredibly cost effective, and delivered by us.

Why managed? As a school, you will likely need policies and restrictions in place. You’ll need to tie a device to a pupil or staff member. You’ll need to update the iPad, and also have the ability to check on its usage – even wipe it if it gets stolen. There are lots of options, and they will be driven by the dynamics of your school.

We’ve listed the options below – so read on if you want the technical spiel – if not, just call us on 02890 020375. We’ll explain.

Option 1 – Our super simple set up

Just got your iPads? £3.50 per device  – we will set up all of your syncing, Apple ID, store accounts and user profiles, get them on Wifi, the works. We’ll even put them in the cases – you get iPads, ready for the classroom. Just add apps and you are there. They will be controlled and administered through whats called an ‘MDM’ system. Thats a simple web page that allows you to view and control all apps and devices. This is quite simply the most robust, effective, simple solution to get you going fast.*

If you already have your iPads we can set up MDM for you together with the essential Apple services such as VPP, DEP and ASM and get those running as well. Don’t worry about the acronyms – we understand them so you don’t have to!

Option 2 – Load ’em up

We will do all of the set up as detailed above, but we also load all of your Apps – we use our core list and then ask you for any specifics you need added. £6.50 per iPad. (note that the cost of apps is not included!)

Option 3 – Fully Managed

Our fully managed set up means that we take care of your iPads throughout the school year – set up, apps, updates, repairs, support, everything – this leave you to get on with teaching and leave us with all of the tech. Support is a mix of remote and on site support as needed:

  • Device set up
  • iOS updates
  • MDM alerts
  • MDM updates, profiles, restrictions
  • Device reporting
  • App Management
  • VPP , DEP and ASM set up
  • Asset listing
  • Telephone and on site support as required

Pricing is based on your tailored package – from termly health check visits to on site support with a regular technician. You can check out our support packages here.

What are you waiting for?

Call us or email us at hello@iteach-uk.com – we will sit down, ask you a few questions about your school and needs and deliver the solution that works for you. Or, for a quick and simple solution, why not take our ‘Getting started bundle‘ – all you need setup for up to 30 iPads.

*Minimum fee is £60