We will make everything easy. Thats a promise

Whats more, we’ll ensure that everything we do always counts for teaching and learning.

For many schools the process of new technology implementation can be a daunting one – but working with iTeach can make deployment and roll out of iPads simple and ensure a smooth end to end process.

We will work with your school, SLT and its staff and produce a detailed and bespoke vision and plan for iPad. A plan thats appropriate to your budget or ambition. Most of all, a plan that is firmly grounded in the school development goals, and one thats realistic and achievable.

We make things work, but more importantly we make things count.

We’re great at what we do because we cover everything that needs covered:

  • Network Requirements (wifi) & Infrastructure Needs
  • Budget planning and proposals & Purchase ordering
  • coursesTech setup and Support
  • Programme registration for VPP,DEP,ASM
  • Security, eSafety and Policies
  • Device Management with MDM
  • Training for staff and pupils
  • Ongoing Initiatives such as Digital Leaders
  • 1:1 Specialist Programmes
  • Parents’ nights and awareness sessions

We make it happen. We will help put your order together, set up initial iPads, speak at Parents evenings, plan and deliver your training. In fact, everything you need for a smooth, successful roll out. Our staff will be there every step of the way.

At iTeach, we have managed more school iPad projects than any other organisation throughout the UK and Ireland. We have the experience, the knowledge, the skill set.

So, if you need a little help, or a lot of help, we’re ready with all the answers.

To start, lets meet with your SLT and ours. We’ll work through the options  – contact us today and we will get moving.

We’ll make you one promise – we will always, always do what’s right by the school.