Enhanced monitoring, support and compliance for classnet

At iTeach, our job is to make life simple for staff and technicians alike. Our iManage service for classnet schools takes care of all aspects of the network management, filtering and compliance. It offers enhanced support and lets us keep you working, safe and secure at all times. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

iManage centrally manages and monitors every aspect of your network to ensure you get maximum uptime.

iManage continuously updates your Risk assessment and statutory documents guidelines to ensure compliance with current and any new Department circulars & ETI requirements.

iManage provides automated filter renewal, enhanced logging and detailed reporting when its needed, and passes all filtering responsibility to iTeach.

iManage provides enhanced tech support – remote monitoring lets us view potential issues and correct them remotely, and the school benefits from a same day tech support visit. Regular maintenance and software updates and upgrades are all included.

For the technically minded, iManage takes care of:iTeach Digital Badges v2

  • Realtime monitoring of line speed and up time, advising us of issues ahead of time so they can be corrected immediately
  • Throughput monitoring to ensure maximum speed
  • Access Point Configuration and upgrades
  • Profile and user management
  • Filter monitoring and on the fly changes to any aspect of the network
  • Logging of all traffic, access and user base to ensure compliance with all DE requirements
  • WAN and LAN traffic control
  • Support for additional systems such as cashless payment, CCTV and heating network integration
  • Child protection documentation and filtering licensing
  • Remote support
  • Same day on site support
  • Proactive updates to your statutory documentation and
  • Delegation of filtering responsibility to iTeach

We’ll ensure 24/7 that you are up and running optimally, filtered, protected and supported when you need changes made. It’s all handled remotely so you don’t even need to wait on a visit.

iManage is covered under contract and you get a dedicated phone number, email and point of contact so you can get an immediate response. iManage includes the annual fee (£99) for child protection filtering licensing.

It’s cost effective as well – £300 per year*

Getting started is easy, call or email and we’ll get you up and running quickly with your contract.

*Note that this rate only applies if you are currently running the classnet network in school. Additional charge may apply if you need a compatible router or equipment on another network, but we’ll let you know immediately if that’s the case.