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We work with schools all over Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and so we understand the challenges and constraints with wireless access – but we are here to help.

It’s essential to have robust, solid, reliable WiFi in order to impact teaching and learning with iPad and mobile devices. At iTeach we have installed our bespoke school wifi system, known as ‘classnet’ in hundreds of schools. Its not just the access we provide – Classnet is a fast, secure, safe and fully filtered system. classnet_Primary Colour Logo (Large) copyclassnet is proven and comes very highly recommended from schools all over the country.

Getting Wi-fi need not be as difficult or expensive as you may think. We can help survey, plan and install a system that will support teaching and learning. Its secure. Managed. Cost effective. Supported. Safe. Best of all? It just works.

Classnet – overview

We work with our partners in BT and fit a fast broadband line . We then provide a fully compliant content filtering ‘firewall’ which blocks all inappropriate content and meets all of your statutory obligations. The ‘tech stuff’ like wireless access points, switches and everything you need is fitted around the school. No blackspots, no dead areas and everywhere is covered. It’s fast. And with no log ons, it ‘just works’. Its secure and handles filtering, logging and school specific Classnet Wifi PNGsetups.

This costs from around  £2000 for Primary and £3500 for a typical Post Primary of around 500 pupils*. That’s a ‘one off’ payment and the only ongoing charge is a small monthly fee to BT for your line. All schools are different though and we will do a site survey and confirm everything before you commit. Plus, if you are an independent, Integrated or Voluntary Grammar school, you can avail of our leasing deals which allows you to spread the costs over a flexible term.

Download the brochure here.

You can optionally take our managed network system – and leave us to manage, monitor and control your entire system remotely.



classnet_Symbol Colour (300px) copyRemember this is non C2K, so have a read at the Department of Education document for the key things to consider – most crucially the need for a filtering system. (available on C2K exchange) and solid policy in place for devices, internet and eSafety. Since classnet is fully filtered, our 360 safe assessors hand over the WiFi solution with all the documentation you need on its filtering, risk assessment, reporting and policy which keeps you fully compliant. With Classnet, every element of statutory requirements including filtering are covered to ensure staff and children are safe and secure.

*guide price, subject to survey 


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