Further and Higher Education

At iTeach, we enable great teaching and learning and enhance productivity throughout further and higher education.

We have an unsurpassed level of knowledge and reputation in delivering on Apple centric learning solutimgresions. We offer the full range of help and support on both iPad and Mac to ensure products are procured and implemented well. And that staff are trained in productivity, delivery and pedagogy.

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions:

System Planning

We can help realise your vision for any deployment. We’ll meet, discuss, budget and plan. You’ll know from the start what you need and when you need it.

Technical Help

We’ll install, build, license all aspects of the Mac  or iPad roll out. Everything from a single machine to an entire suite or site  – we can take care of set up, servers, backup, networking, licensing, log ins, staff and student accounts and printing, security, and asset control.

Ongoing technical help

We can be there on a flexible basis to support your deployment or your technicians as you delve further into the world of Mac.

Great training

As you should come to expect from iTeach, we offer a fantastic range of courses for staff training to enable great teaching and learning:

  • Mac for  iPad support
  • iPad management and deployment
  • Pedagogical training on iPad and Mac
  • Assessment and data handling
  • Productivity and collaboration
  • Final Cut
  • Logic Pro
  • Mac for Music
  • Options for technicians, pupils, lecturers or management

Contact us today. We’ll have a chat about your plans and needs, and we’ll put together a package that suits timescale and budget.