Extended Schools

For those schools in Northern Ireland that are part of the Extended Schools programme, we’ve put together a fantastic range of projects that fit wonderfully well within the scheme. We’ve built these in a way that provides flexibility for your school, in terms of time and budget.
We’ve ensured that each project presents real and meaningful opportunities for pupils and indeed the wider school community while also allowing for plenty of scope to change things to the specific needs of your school. Equipment budgets have also been left totally flexible to allow you to meet the needs of your school and individual plan.
We have aimed the majority of the sessions at KS1/KS2 level, but all can be tailored to the KS of your choice.

Select from our fantastic programmes



iCode is a free initiative from iTeach to get kids coding and support teachers in every way we can.
We can deliver amazing training sessions throughout the year to train all staff on embedding coding and programming. Available from Foundation to KS3, we’ll inspire your staff with confidence and link everything we do back to the curriculum.
Our team will run every aspect of iCode as an after schools club. This full programme, including the use of flying drones and robotics, will ensure that pupils are engaged and enthused and beginning to be prepared with the important skills necessary for the future workplace.


I wonder if taller people can run faster? I wonder what would happen if you lost your sense of touch?
The iWonder after school club gives pupils the chance to explore and investigate interesting questions like these.
Using a creative enquiry approach these pupil centred sessions will allow pupils to design investigations and experiments that will improve their understanding of scientific concepts and give them opportunities to develop their thinking skills and personal capabilities.

Cyber Tiger

The Cyber Tiger Extended Schools programme is a 4 X 1 hour session programme which is designed for both parents and pupils.
 The programme will aim to develop existing knowledge of online safety among both parents and pupils and provide them with the strategies to deal with unwanted or inappropriate behaviour.
Pupils will also have the opportunity to develop their video making skills as they create a SMART video to reinforce the online safety message across their school community.

Digital Leaders

A Digital Leader is a pupil who is part of a Digital Leaders Team within a school, whose role it is to support the use and further the development of the iPad and digital learning.
After the school have appointed their amazing Digital Leaders, we can deliver a 5 week after schools club that offers innovative activities that develop the roles of the digital leaders.
Digital Leaders will look at how to use fantastic apps to support learning in the school in areas such as virtual reality, stop motion animation and the excellent Assembly app.

Once you have selected a programme we can provide:

  • Budget breakdown for equipment
  • Budget for training
  • Action Plans
  • Supporting documentation
  • Dates and schedules
Drop us a line at hello@iteach-uk.com or chat with any of our teaching staff that works with your school and we will get you the project brochure with all the details you need.

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