Coding & Programming

Learning coding and programming skills is now an entitlement and an important skill for children to learn. As new and innovative technologies become more engrained in children’s everyday lives, it is important that they have practical experience of coding and programming and an understanding of technology as we prepare them for the creativity and problem solving needed for the future workplace.ipad-swift-image

At iTeach we give pupils meaningful ways to develop coding and computing skills through cross curricular opportunities from ages 4-18. We support teachers, pupils and schools by providing training, events and resources, and we do it all on iPad.

With a real belief that everyone can and should code, iTeach is here to help with everything you need.

Providing Structure

Our iCode Programme is a free to use resource that now provides thousands of schools and tens of thousands of pupils a structure iCode Logo v2to learn coding and programming from foundation stage on. Its structured as either an after schools club, or baked right into your daily lessons. It’s got lesson plans, resources delivered via an amazing, free iBook. iCode ties in drones and bots from Parrot to Sphero and is the perfect place to start with your class, no matter your country or age group.

iCode provides lots of ways to extend coding with training, events, gadgets, challenges and experiences.

Get started now by heading to and sign up for free.

Delivering Programmes

swift-logoIf you would like something specific for your school,  we design and run a wide variety of pupil focused programmes. These programmes can be tied to age groups, specific projects or funding applications and are flexible in their timing and duration to achieve the outcomes agreed. So if its a one off or a term or year project, we deliver.

Programmes can include App building in Swift from concept to output through extended after schools clubs to a complete replacement of the ICT curriculum at KS3. You name it, we deliver.

Providing Recognition

At iTeach we believe in recognition, so we include simple recognition items like certificates and drone licenses to reward pupils.But icode-digital-badge-blue-copywe go one step further – by joining our Digital Badge scheme, pupils can complete and be awarded one of our coding Digital Badges – internally recognised, the badges form part of an online skills portfolio for use both now and with future schools and even employers.

Across the world

Our initiatives, training and resources are designed for curriculum across the world. iCode maps curriculum for NI, Scotland, England, Wales, Australia, Republic of Ireland, United States and many others.

Across all year groups

With iPad, we support coding and programming from 4 – 18 years of age. From simple block based coding right through to Swift App creation, all levels, ages and abilities are covered.

Supporting teachers

With a great range of training – both after schools and centrally clustered, we have sessions that introduce computational thinking, core computing concepts, block and text based coding, Swift and Swift Playgrounds. Plus we have an amazing range of sessions available to support teachers and pupils within the structure of our iCode initiative.

Hosting great events

We run coding events throughout the year to support national and international initiatives such as Hour of Code and EU Code week – our sessions at iLearn are legendary and on top of iCode week in April, we run pupil focused events throughout the year.

Contact us today for a chat and we can tell you more and get you started!