Bring Your Own Device

You have probably heard the term, but what is it?

In a Bring Your Own Device model, you allow your pupils to bring their own iPads, and connect to the school network – these can be used throughout the school day for teaching and learning.

As wider and wider access is rolled out within schools for services, and demand increases for access, BYOD is being successfully adopted by more and more schools.

Bringing your own device helps supplement many limited IT resources, and provides a cost effective way to leverage technology in the classroom, and indeed extend the learning environment to home. We see it happening more and more with iPads  – the high ownership levels of the iPad has led to pupils wishing to bring and use their devices for in class use. This brings a great extension of school resources, but also brings challenges for policy, infrastructure and device management.

At iTeach, we are champions of bring your own device programs. Use those resources, engage in technology, integrate it into the classroom seamlessly and provide inclusion for all both in and outside of the school day.

BYOD of course brings its own challenges – use and content policy , the line between school and home use, web filtering, interoperability. That’s where we come in.

How it works

  • School deploys infrastructure (Wifi, filtering)
  • School generally provides teacher iPads and training
  • School engages with parents – providing information – the policy is a clear choice for parents not mandated by the school
  • School facilitates areas such as advice on insurance, use policy and apps

Its a very cost effective way to roll out large scale ICT provision – and it is at all times totally optional for parents. The school does not get involved with financial terms, leases or the device process, nor does it handle device support.

Going forward

We will meet with your school and work through the steps needed to achieve a BYOD model.If it’s a project to allow your teachers to bring in their own iPads, or a whole school BYOD model, we have the skill, knowledge and experience with schools to cover every aspect. We can meet with parents, your Board of Governors etc to discuss the rationale, the practicalities and the finance.

Call us on 02890 020375 or email – we’ll provide impartial timely help whatever the size of school or project.