An incredible programme from Apple to support, up-skill and provide recognition to teachers doing great things in the classroom with Apple technology.

At iTeach, we are really excited about the Apple Teacher initiative.appleteachergold Focused on teaching and learning with Apple technology, it provides you with a wealth of resources to build skills and knowledge with both iPad and Mac. When you are ready, test your knowledge online and earn recognition with digital badges on your way to becoming a fully fledged Apple Teacher, at a pace that suits you.

Getting started is simple – head on over to the Apple Teacher pages and sign up for free – you’ll just need your AppleID and as soon as you get a verification email you are all set.

Take yourself through the programme, but, of course, we’re here to help when you need it – drop us a line for advice or get involved with one of our Apple Teacher Sessions:

Get started with experts at iLearn

Join us at iLearn and choose one of our Apple Teacher sessions – hear Apple introduce the programme and then we’ll guide you through registration, some amazing resources and get you started with your first badge – an amazing start to your Apple Teacher journey

Whole School Inset

We’ll head to your school and provide a full day of professional development – taking your staff through an introduction to Apple Teacher, registration, training and then taking the self paced quizzes to gain digital badges leading to the Apple Teacher badge.

A fantastic opportunity for whole staff development with clear outcomes, certification and all very cost effective.


Our Saturday bootcamps run regularly and allow you an opportunity to be up-skilled for Apple Teacher. We’ll provide introduction and registration followed by bespoke training and work towards your Apple Teacher certification. It’s an opportunity to build skills, knowledge and experience and gather CPD that’s meaningful and relevant to your current and future teaching roles.

Bootcamps have a per attendee fee, are specific to group knowledge levels, come with lunch and plenty of tea and coffee. You’ll almost forget it’s a Saturday!




Find out more

Fill in the form below for more info on training, or head on over to the Apple Teacher pages and get started right away.