Mobile Device Management

Making a choice that supports teaching & learning.

What is Mobile Device Management?

A suitable and fully featured Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution helps a school to manage devices, successfully deploy to users and provide enhanced security within the classroom. It allows you to send out apps, manage device storage, monitor app use, add and remove restrictions plus a lot more.

It should be easy to use and well supported. Above all it should aid teachers and ICT Coordinators, making life that little bit easier and be an aid to teaching and learning. MDM’s can be ‘unseen’ at times as they effectively sit silently on your iPad estate, managing day to day use.

When you need to make a change, perform a check or roll out apps it should be as simple as visiting a web page on any device and making that change in a matter of seconds.

At iTeach. we want to help you decide which ‘MDM” is right for your school. We’ve rolled out thousands and thousands of iPads and understand what works best both in terms of features and budget.

Can iTeach sort all of this?

Of course we can.

We can prepare a budget guide for MDM which will include the per device costs and a one off set up cost to get everything rolling and deployed. We can then either manage all of this, or provide training to teaching or technical staff to manage it all at school.