At iTeach we believe in supporting our amazing initiatives, schools and programmes with great resources. The iBooks format provides a fantastic platform for design and delivery of books that not only are well designed, but provide an engaging, interactive resource. What’s more, we use the iBooks Store to ensure that when we update our content and resources that it always stays up to date on your device.ibookslogo We’ve outline some of our most downloaded books below, but if you can’t wait , just head to our page on the iBooks Store on a Mac or iPad and grab all of them for free. Our series of books are split into two key areas: Impact and Initiatives.


Our Impact series celebrates the amazing practice that occurs in our schools. impact-iteach-in-northern-ireland-schools-smallWritten by the schools we work with, the Impact series is regional and celebrates each schools’ journey – schools with 4 iPads to 1000 iPads in a 1:1 programme. Schools just starting right through to Apple Distinguished schools. Each section includes a story of the journey and detail how iPad has impacted teaching and learning. Download the books to get a feel for what we do, understand the reality of iPad for t&l and get more information on our free initiatives and award programmes. It’s all there and it’s all free. Download the Impact Northern Ireland book for a look at NI schools or the Impact Scotland book for a look at some powerful video pieces on the impact of iPad as told by Head Teachers. No marketing and no blurb, our Impact series tell the story as told by the school.


All of our initiatives are supported by comprehensive iBooks which are full of getting started guides, lesson resources, curriculum maps, supporting material, parental advice and how best to extend our initiatives in and outside of class. They are dynamically updated and are used as an integral part of our programmes. They are there for your ultimate guide and reference tight on your iPad anytime you need them. We’ve highlighted two of our most popular books – iCode and Digital Leaders. Download either book by visiting the page link we have provided above or read more about iCode here or check our Digital Leaders here – sign up to both on line, for free and get started right away!   icode-teacher-pack-small iteach-digital-leaders-small