Create a Hub in your school and host fantastic events

At iTeach if there’s one thing we’re proud of its our iTeach Digital Leaders. Tens of thousands of pupils at all ages and levels who help lead digital learning in their schools.

They help their peers, teachers and family in all things digital, take on huge responsibility and are specially trained and rewarded – becoming beacons in their own schools and ambassadors for their school at events.

Our Digital Leader Labs initiative takes this one step further. We believe that our Leaders should work together across schools, should have access to amazing activities to stretch and challenge their thinking. We believe they should share good practice just like teaching staff and should be able to guide and mentor others – across primary and post primary. We believe that when Digital Leaders work together, we will see huge impact in all our schools with digital technology and learning.

Press Eye - Northern Ireland - 28th October 2016

iTeach Digital Leaders held a workshop for pupils from schools across Northern Ireland at W5 in the SSE arena on Friday.

Picture: Philip Magowan / PressEye

So, to allow as many Digital Leaders to collaborate we’ve created Hubs.

Become a Hub

With so many iTeach Digital Leaders, we want your help to be come one of our Digital Leader Hubs. Collaboration, Creativity, Sharing ideas, training others and hosting events for local schools – thats what we strive for with our Hub schools. As a Hub School, you’ll need to commit to hosting at least two events per year and invite Digital Leaders from a minimum of five local schools to work with your DL team on activities and challenges. We’ll help by providing the structure, resources, activities and guidelines for each event. You must have iTeach Digital Leaders in place in your school for this academic year as a minimum and be willing to showcase their work on line with a website, blog, vlog or iBook. Our Hub Schools should be the best of the best and will be recognised as such.

Apply Now

To apply, simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch in due course, assess your current Digital Leaders and let you know. If you’re successful, you’ll be an official iTeach Digital Leader Hub school for your area – rewarded with a wall plaque and certificate and receive public recognition on line. Your Digital Leaders will receive some additional benefits, and your school will have plenty of resources and support from iTeach in your hub activities.


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