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Online safety for Post-Primary.

Cyber Citizen is the vehicle for a whole school programme for post-primary schools which aims to provide an integrated and progressive online safety curriculum which is inclusive of all stakeholders including post-primary teachers, support staff, parents, the wider school community and of course, pupils.

Online Safety is one of the major factors affecting our post-primary pupils today. As ‘Digital Natives’, our young post-primary pupils are spending an increasing amount of time engaging with online technologies. Post-primary schools play a crucial role in educating children on the responsible use of technology, raising awareness of risks and how to report any unwanted behaviour or content. It is also vital that all stakeholders are aware of these issues.

This programme for post-primary schools is mapped on to 3 strands of learning for life and work (local and global citizenship; personal development and education for employability), allowing it to be embedded in to the Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculum easily. It can also form part of a 6th Form enrichment programme at Key Stage 5. It is also mapped to progress on from our Primary initiative, Cyber Tiger.

Online safety, in all cases, in schools and elsewhere, remains a paramount concern. Schools play a crucial role in raising awareness of the risks, highlighting the impact of behaviour when engaging with online technologies and educating children and young people about how to act appropriately and stay safe.

(DENI Circular 2016/27, Online Safety, December 2016)


Developing 21st Century Digital Skills – How to search strategically, safely and to audit the accuracy of the information you source.

Personal Development

Self-Image and Identity – the version of yourself that you put online and safeguarding against mental health risks.


CyberBullying – How to be an active, responsible digital citizen and not a passive bystander.


Developing 21st Century Digital Skills – Developing digital communication skills – how to create vibrant digital presentations, how to use multimedia content and to engage your audience effectively.

Personal Development

Relationships and Communication – pupils explore risks around the relationships they create online and the types of content they share in ‘private’.


Developing a positive digital community – ethical online conduct, taking a stand against unethical behaviour and using social media to effect positive change.


Create a Positive Digital Footprint – How to audit and curate your digital footprint so that you are attractive to Third Level institutions and employers.

Personal Development

Identity and mental well-being – How to develop resilience in a 24 hour connected world and how issues of identity, self-esteem and mental health can be dealt with effectively.


Plagiarism – Don’t be a digital thief! Building skills of researching, referencing and raising awareness of JCQ regulations, as well as Third Level education approaches to plagiarism.

*LLW is not a statutory requirement post-16, however these session could easily be delivered as part of any 6th Form enrichment programme.


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  • Access to a site with links to information for pupils, teachers and parents.
  • Initial staff training to provide staff/tutors with the skills to facilitate each lesson within LLW.

Expand Cyber Citizen.

iTeach can provide a range of cost effective sessions to build the whole school approach to online safety:

  • Parent/Community Online Safety information evenings – The Connected World.
  • Staff/Governor launch training and information.
  • Guidance on the completion of 360 Safe Online review tool towards E-Safety Mark.

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