eSafety Awareness

Because being aware helps everyone stay safe online.

At iTeach we truly believe that staying safe on line centres on awareness for all. Our range of sessions for staff, pupils and parents provide help, guidance and advice on risks, privacy and staying safe – all focused on practical, hands on help and advice.

Specially tailored for each audience and age group

Each workshop takes a very practical approach in the belief that understanding how children use social media and gaming, and how they conduct their on line life is key to helping them stay safe. We cover social media, gaming and cyberbullying with an over arching approach to safety and how and where to get help – custom designed for any age group from KS1 to Y14 ensuring we tackle the very real issues they face.


Suitable for Teaching and Support staff

1 x 1.5 hour  training session

Awareness of social media, online safety, risks & good practice


Suitable for all pupils across all KS’s

1 x 1 hour in school session

Cyberbullying, Social networking, Safety, privacy and awareness


Suitable for all parents from Primary 1 – Y14

1 x 2 hour evening session

Awareness of social media, online safety, risks & practical advice

Involving parents is key

Our parents evenings are a fantastic way to raise awareness around all aspects of staying safe on line – full of practical help, advice and guidance.

Cost effective

Sessions are cost effective at £195 per session – regardless of number of attendees or participants.

Providing a whole school approach to eSafety

We can also help your school with a bespoke plan and approach for an holistic E-safety programme. In line with the very latest DE advice and requirements, we can help with policy, planning, assessment, training and certification. Each school is different, so we’ll create a detailed plan, based on the exact needs of your school.

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