Digital Badges

Digital Badges from iTeach 

An incredible, robust programme to motivate and reward pupils and their Digital Skills from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 5. Providing a simple framework to enable all students to build an accredited digital badge portfolio that follows them through school.

Designed by educators, for educators

We offer a diverse range of badges that are designed to cover a huge range of skills right from Foundation to KS5. Our badges are built and designed from the ground up around both Digital and 21st century skill frameworks. Using the Badgelist platform, our badges are built on the Open Badge framework from Mozilla making iTeach Digital Badges compatible with Mozilla backpack – ensuring pupils can earn badges and share them in their portfolio on line and to the world. All our badges are connected, verifiable and representative of a pupils achievement and are designed to create a true picture of a pupils life long learning.

Our Digital Badges cover a huge range of skills

Our badges cover whole school from Foundation stage to KS5, with specific badge groups for primary and secondary. With built in progression, we ensure every pupil can achieve their full potential.

Currently, over 60 badges are available to earn across multiple skill sets:

Digital Leaders




App Development

21st Century Skills

Badges include Leadership, Community, Communication, Presentation, Creativity, Digital Leader roles, technical skills, App knowledge, coding & programming, App building, eSafety, cyberbullying. We have it covered!

Evidenced, assessed and achieved

We believe that Digital Badges should be robust and a genuine reflection on learning and effort – directly linked to outcomes. Each badge has a clear criteria with defined tasks -pupils must submit evidence on line via the Badgelist portal which is then assessed by one of our team before the badge is awarded. They’ll receive a notification via email when the badge is granted.

Once awarded pupils can share their badge on line or via Mozilla Backpack and move on at their own pace to the next badge.

How it works


Badges are designed to be as ‘hands off’ as possible for teaching staff. Once you register and send us pupil emails, we’ll ask you to take the pupils through one initial sample badge so they understand the process. From there, we’ll be responsible for all assessment and badge awarding. Your only job is to encourage them in their badge mission!


Once we register a pupil, they are asked via email to complete their Badgelist account set up. That will automatically register them with all of our badges at the correct level and allow them to engage with any or all badges when they are ready. All work is guided, completed, submitted and awarded on line and is self paced.

All badges are designed to be ‘hands off’ for staff and drive independent study and achievement for pupils. 

Cost Effective

For schools running our ‘Digital Leader’ programme, Digital Badges are included for all of your digital leaders in your initial registration. Leaders can apply for any badge within the framework – not just those designed for DL’s.

For any other pupils, it’s just £2.50 per pupil per year with bulk discount available for whole school, and this provides access to unlimited badges per pupil. No tie in, just renew if you’re happy!

Get Started

Getting started is easy. The only requirement for Digital Badges is that all participants must have access to a school email address. If you are already engaged with our Digital Leaders programme you can get started right away – complete for left hand form , copy and paste your Leader email addresses and thats it. If you are considering badges for the rest of your school – complete the right hand form and we’ll be in touch.

What happens next?

If you are part of Digital Leaders , your pupils will receive an email within 24 hours asking them to register for ‘Badgelist’.

If you are starting with other pupils we’ll be in touch within a day and guide you through the package thats right for you.

For either registration, you’ll always receive a dedicated link to a help and advice which will guide you through the whole Digital Badge programme and allow you access to your student progress and achievements.

Help & Support

We’re here when you need us – just email us at and we’ll help. Whether it’s initial questions, help as you go, concerns of queries, we have you covered.

iTeach Digital Badges runs on the Badgelist platform. Badgelist manage thousands of educational accounts and institutions and have taken great care to ensure privacy and safeguarding is paramount for your pupils. No pupil information is made public or shared.