Apple School Manager

Apple has provided an amazing set of tools to help schools deploy and manage iPad and Mac. From enabling ‘one touch’ deployment, Apple ID’s, wifi set up, Apple School Manager covers it all.

Apple School Manager is a web based tool, freely available to all schools. The team at iTeach can help you get started, or manage all aspects of the integration and solution. So when you are ready to hear all about ASM, or you just want to jump right on board, we have the experience and are ready to help.

Use it to Organise pupils and staff

By creating multiple Apple ID’s that are centrally managed by the school – enabling iCloud, iTunes U and shared iPad for all.

Instant set up

With device in Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme, set up is simple. Used in conjunction with your MDM solution, device set up can be automated and assigned to classes, pupils and staff.

Enabling Shared iPad

‘Shared iPad’ allows iPad to be shared between pupils but still providing a fully personalised experience. Pupils simply log in and can access their own apps and content – leaving behind the days of wipe and sync for your technicians and allowing iPad to deliver on its 1:1 experience in a very cost effective way.

Sharing Content

Apps and content are now easily shared automatically over wifi.

Helping Teachers

In conjunction with the Classroom App, teachers can now manage classes and content from their own iPad – focus pupils, launch apps and content and deliver content on the fly to pupils.

Peer Assessment and Review

Using ASM with Apple TV and all pupils can mirror work on demand or with Classroom app teachers can view individual screens and share them with class anytime.

For more information on Apple School Manager , click here.

To find out if it’s right for your school, and how we can help every step of the way, contact us.